Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gavaskar Movie

When Gavaskar finds out that there has been released, a movie, in Australia called "Gavaskar", he is very happy. He plans to watch it and gets a ticket for Australia at once.
With great difficulty he manages to get a ticket and very happily he goes to see the movie. But when he comes out of the cinema he is very angry!

He goes straight to the director of the movie and says, "What do you mean by this? You named your movie 'Gavaskar', but didn't show anything about me in it!"
The director of the movie laughs and says, "So now you understand the problem? You people too made a movie called 'Border', but did you show anything about Allan Border in it?"

Pakistan Funny Cricket Video

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cricket jokes : Tendulkar

Q. What did 10dulkar say after the India-Australia match ?
A. Shaken but not stirred ....
Q. What did 10dulkar say after the India-Pakistan match ?
A. Massacred but not killed....we're not worried.

Year 2023 - Cricket World Cup news

India failed to defeat Afghanistan in the world cup qualifier in the Asia -Pacific zone.

Coach Sehwag said that he is not worried bcoz he has backing of selectors, captain and board.... and that they had won a close match against Papua new guinea just 2 yrs ago.

Rahul Dravid, the coach of New Zealand team said that Sachin should now consider retiring gracefully and let his son take over the captaincy.

Mahender singh Dhoni broke Ajit agarkars record of most no of consecutive ducks in twenty 20.

Saurav Ganguly, the coach of England feels that the boys need to control their emotions on the field.

The current leading man from Bollywood bret lee advices ms dhoni to take up acting as well.

Meanwhile Pakistan beat Ireland in a close match... and thus they avenged their defeat in the 2007 WC against the then minnows Ireland.

Inzamam ul haq, who was the captain of the losing team and now the present coach said in a press interview that "Boys plays well...they try hard...inshallah we wins the world cup"

The police arrested 8 ppl for violence after England and NZ match... Investigations revealed that these ppl were members of Dravid and Ganguly fan communities on Orkut which have 623241516 and 126542 members respectively.

The Indian cricket board led by president Rahul Gandhi has called for an emergency meeting to discuss future course of action ..former players like yuvraj singh, md kaif, VVS laxman and kumble have been sehwag and captain Tendulkar will present a report.

Cricket Cartoon : Why young indian team is victorious??